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This course explains why Jesus is the only way to heaven; why a person can never be saved by good works; and why a person has to make this decision before death.

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This course explains whether babies should get baptized; whether sprinkling/pouring/immersion is the Biblical method; and if a person should ever get re-baptized.

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This course explains what a church is; whether a Bible Study in your home is a church; and what the purpose of a local church really is.

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This course explains why hell was created in the first place; whether there is really fire there; what people there are thinking; and why people can never get out once they are there.

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This course explains whether there are really streets of gold in heaven; how big the heavenly city is; whether there will be food there; and how long it will last

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Christian's Appearance

This course deals with the Christian’s appearance in the matter of hair length and styles; clothing lengths and styles; jewelry (including the various pierced type); tattoos; and makeup.

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Eternal Security

This course deals with the matter of falling from grace; what a works salvation really is; and how to determine where your true trust is.

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This course deals with what the Bible says about music; what beats are proper; whether taped music in the church is Biblical; whether Classical music is acceptable; and much more.

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Drinking Alcoholic Beverages

This course deals with whether Jesus ever made or drank alcoholic wine; whether a Christian should socially drink; and what the word wine means in the Bible.

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Book 1

This course deals with how to find the right husband or wife, whether newly-weds should live with one of their parents, whether a wife should have an outside job, who is to lead in the home and why, latch-key husbands, and much more.

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Book 2

This course deals with whether a Christian can marry an unsaved person, whether a couple can get married if one or both have former mates still alive, whether a marriage should be based upon looks, wealth, occupations, parents, etc., what you should look for in a young lady, and more.

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Book 3

This course deals with what you should look for in a young man, whether you have to be in a place where there is a lot of action and young people to find the right mate, whether you should use the dating, courting, or betrothal methods to find the right person to marry, and much more.

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Book 4

This course deals with where a couple should get married, who should pay for the wedding, how the wedding party should be dressed, what kind of music should be used at the wedding, whether it is biblical or necessary to have a reception, what guests should be invited to the wedding, and more.

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Book 5

This course deals with the termination of marriage and the related issues that raise questions; like, the death of a spouse, whether Jesus said that divorce was ever an option, and abandonment.  It also covers whether a broken marriage can be scripturally reunited: in the case of a separation; in the case of a remarriage since a divorce; in the case of a person that still has a former living mate; and in the case of one of the mates not being saved.

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(One more booklet coming in this series!)


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The Charismatic Movement

Book 1

This course deals with the doctrine of salvation held to by the majority of Charismatics: one which emphasizes the works that a person does for Jesus, instead of the finished work that Jesus did for us on the cross.  Matthew 7:21-23 is a striking prophecy showing the Charismatic emphasis, and their shocking condemnation by the Lord Jesus Christ one day.  This course also deals with the Charismatic treatment and doctrine of the Holy Spirit, and their behavior of being drunk in the Spirit and slain in the Spirit.   Are these actions holy and godly, or are they demonic?  This course will show you the answers from the Bible.

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Book 2

This course deals with the Charismatic doctrine of tongues.  It explains why there are different languages in the world; what would happen if the language barrier was removed (and how the Charismatic movement is already evidencing that problem); why God used the gift of tongues in the New Testament; why missionaries today are not being empowered by God to reach foreign-speaking people with the gift of tongues; how the modern Charismatic movement does exactly opposite to what the Bible teaches about tongues in almost every regulation given concerning the gift.

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More Bible Courses are being written.

Please check back from time to time for new available courses.

We welcome suggestions for future topics.


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